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We may receive commission from third party links you click or purchase from. This does not impede our opinions.

Height 📏
Weight 🏋️‍♂️
907 grams
Most used for 👑
Concentrates, Wax, Crumble, Distillate, Sauce, Budder/Badder, CBD, Live Resin

Use Code VESTACBD for 10-15% off!

Introducing the revolutionary RöK Vaporizer Dab Rig, the latest pinnacle of electronic dab rig technology brought to you by Pulsar. This cutting-edge e-rig stands out as a leading torchless and electric dab rig on the market, redefining the portable dabbing experience with its exceptional features.

Designed for worry-free usage, the RöK boasts a robust glass base that guarantees stability, alleviating any concerns of accidental knocks. Its ergonomic shape ensures seamless one-handed operation, catering to convenience and ease of use.

With three versatile heat/voltage settings at your fingertips, achieving your desired effects is a breeze. A simple button click allows you to customize the temperature, tailoring your sessions to perfection.

In the realm of affordability compared to alternatives like the Puffco Peak and Focus Carta, the Pulsar RöK firmly holds its ground. The RöK’s quartz cup bucket takes flavor and terpene appreciation to unparalleled heights, ensuring every hit is an explosion of taste. Cleaning is effortless with the removable cup, promoting convenience and hygiene.

Key Features:

Innovative All Metal Body: The RöK’s durability is underscored by its solid all-metal construction, embodying resilience and reliability.

Precision Voltage Control: Choose from three voltage settings to curate your dabbing experience according to your preferences, achieving the desired effects with precision.

Enhanced Airpath Isolation: The isolated airpath guarantees pure, unadulterated vapor, maintaining the integrity of your concentrates’ flavors.

Advanced Filtration with Disc Percolator: Benefit from an advanced disc percolator and Boro glass filtration base that cools and filters the vapor, delivering smooth and satisfying hits.

Compact and Portable: Standing at 6.75 inches tall, the RöK is the epitome of portability, easily fitting into your lifestyle.

Coil-less Quartz & Ceramic Cups: The RöK’s innovative coil-less cups preserve the flavor and terpene profiles, ensuring an elevated and refined dabbing experience.

Rapid 30-Second RöK Mode: Experience swift and efficient heating with the RöK’s specialized 30-second mode, getting you to your sessions faster.

Comprehensive Accessories: The RöK comes complete with essential accessories, including a Daber Tool, Coilless Quartz Cup, Wire Brushes, USB Charging Cable & Brick, Coilless Ceramic Cup, Crud Bud Alcohol filled Cotton Buds, Silicone Collars, and a Wax Carb Cap.

Warranty Assurance: Enjoy peace of mind with a one-year warranty, reflecting Pulsar’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The RöK Vaporizer Dab Rig revolutionizes dabbing with its torchless and electric design, bringing forth a new era of efficiency, flavor, and convenience. Elevate your dabbing experience to extraordinary heights with the RöK – where innovation meets performance.

Use Code VESTACBD for 10-15% off!


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