Our test results are based on a 1ML serving size, which is interpreted as (mg/g) 1 gram=1ml on the COA . You can find the total potency by multiplying the MG result by volume of product in weight, or ___MG x 28.3 grams (which is 1 fl oz converted to dry weight, which is grams) For batch P191217, you would take the 10.91mg and multiply by 28.3g, which brings you to 308.75MG per 1OZ (30ML) bottle!

Batch IDProduct ClassManufacture DateResultFull COA
1912201000MG Vitality Tincture Organic MCT Oil BaseDecember 20, 201952.54MG per MLView
P191217300MG P’Awesome Pet TinctureDecember 20, 201910.91MG per MLView


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