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Vesta CBD crafts a wide variety of THC Free CBD Shatter, including minor cannabinoids like CBT (Cannabicitran) , CBG (Cannabigerol) , CBN (Cannabinol) and others. We use some of the only Certified Organic Naturally Derived Botanical Terpenes, mainly derived from fruits and plants, no industrial materials. We also use Live Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT's) in some products. We're real cannabis enthusiasts who personally use CBD Shatter to create synergistic effects with our medical cannabinoid consumption, but sometimes you just want a tasty CBD Shatter dab without getting high. Our blends are perfect for the dabbing expert. Low temp to taste our terpenes to their fullest, or go a little hotter for some full & fast effects (not too hot, though!)

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What is CBD Shatter? How can I use it?

We've got you covered

CBD Shatter is more often than not, pure CBD Isolate that goes through a process in which it is manipulated by heat, pressure and or agitation. Most CBD shatter on the market has added botanical terpenes to add a more natural and pleasant experience for consumers. Terpenes are also known to have many therapeutic benefits, as well as being used for giving CBD shatter a flavor profile. These flavor profiles can mimic real strains or even fruits.

At Vesta, we use both botanical terpene blends and terpenes extracted from real cannabis plants for a true terpene profile.

CBD shatter usually starts off as powdered CBD isolate and is heated up in batches until it liquifies to a consistency of a syrup or distillate. At this stage, terpenes are mixed in and homogenized throughout the batch. Heat is suspended and the CBD begins to naturally crash back together into it’s crystalline structure as it cools. Some techniques including “seeding” which is sprinkling powdered CBD isolate on top of the liquid batch so it begins nucleating faster and seeding to the added CBD isolate.

CBD shatter, as you can tell by the name, takes on the appearance of shattered glass. Though this term was more attributed to THC products, the consistency in which CBD shatter breaks apart and has a harder structure than other forms of concentrates, this term made the most sense for the industry. (Photo from Vesta CBD Instagram : GG4 CBD Shatter)

The best part about CBD shatter, in my opinion, is how versatile and covenient it is. For seasoned users, you can use CBD shatter in joints and bowls, dab it with a standard rig or E-Rig, etc. You can also add it to certain food and beverages (you need to use a carrier in some instances, we’ll tell you how!) for a truly unique experience. We compiled a small list of the many ways to use CBD shatter. If you have any unique ideas, comment them below!

  • Sprinkle in a joint
  • Put pieces on top of a bowl
  • Dab Rig/Vaporizer
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Brownies
  • Smoothies
  • Coffee
  • Pasta/Cooked meals
  • Syrups
  • Pills/Tablets

If you’re already invested into dabbing, you probably already know the deal. We recommend trying a temp around 460-520F. CBD does melt at a slightly higher temp than THC, the main issue is terpene preservation and finding a balance between CBD uptake and terpene retention. This is why E-Rigs usually offer a better experience with CBD dabs, as they can be fine tuned per strain.

You CANNOT use CBD shatter in water or primarily water based drinks. This is because pure CBD isolate is not water soluble without additional processes or ingredients. For this reason, we’re sticking strictly to the easy ones you can do at home, without lab equipment like Ultrasonic Homogenizers (need I say more?)

Yes! since CBD shatter is the purest form of CBD, it is already activated. Compared to making homemade edibles with marijuana, you don’t have to preheat anything to activate or decarboxylate. We only heat up the CBD shatter to mix it with a carrier ingredient to make it easier to work with and produce a smooth product. CBD isolate is very grainy, so feeling it in between your teeth is not pleasant.

For snacks and pastries that will be heated in an oven to 350, you can pulverize your CBD shatter back into isolate and sprinkle it into your batter mixture. The heat of the oven should evenly melt the isolate throughout your final product. You can slowly bring CBD shatter up to a low cooking temp and it will melt into your mixture. For candy like chocolate, we suggest using a CBD distillate. We’ll be covering more in depth CBD cooking recipes in our blog .

Why should I use Hemp CBD Shatter?

Fast Onset

Intaking CBD Shatter and other concentrates usually have a fast onset time for the desired effects. Vaporizing the CBD Shatter at the correct temperature plays a big role in which terpenes get degraded and convert, and which ones make it through to be absorbed into your body. Terpenes work by guiding the delivery system for cannabinoids throughout your body.

High in Terpenes

Vesta CBD Shatter wouldn't be what they are without their real strain terpenes. We are one of the few who use real Certified Organic Botanical Terpenes along with REAL CDT's (Cannabis Derived Terpenes). We typically use anywhere from 3-8% Terpene concentrations. Cannabis Derived Terpenes with CBD Shatter creates a whole new realm of experience for any 710 enthusiast. These rare and costly terpene blends can help you with the craving of THC concentrates if you are trying to quit or slow down your intake.

Use for Novices and Experts alike

Although we recommend to vaporize or dab your CBD Shatter, Wax, or other CBD Concentrates, they are also easy to cook or bake with, mix into certain beverages, or create your own non-water based formulations. We've seen customers bake CBD Shatter Brownies with our Gorilla #4 Shatter, and put our CBT Distillate x CBD Distillate x Live Cannabis Derived Terpenes in their coffee. We NEVER use PG/VG/MCT/etc for our concentrates, as they are intended for true dabbing experiences.

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What is CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum CBD, and Full Spectrum CBD?

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate is the purest form of the CBD Molecule. CBD Isolate is a soft, white crystalline powder substance that does not naturally dissolve in water. CBD Isolate products typically contain absolutely 0 detectable THC which makes it safe to use for most. CBD Isolate by itself may not be as functional as it could be with natural terpenes or accompanied by other minor cannabinoids.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD?

Broad Spectrum CBD usually refers to any CBD product that doesn't contain THC. As of late, Broad Spectrum CBD accounts for any CBD Product that has CBD along with CBN, CBG, CBDV, CBC or any other minor cannabinoid. At Vesta CBD, we use the terms Broad Spectrum and/or Ultra Broad Spectrum to describe any of our products containing more than just CBD, but always THC Free.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD now refers to any CBD Product that contains detectable amounts of THC, but under the federally allowed limit of 0.3%. Full spectrum products typically contain raw extracted hemp oil without any post processing such as isolation or chromatography. This oil contains all of the natural hemp terpenes. Continued use of Full Spectrum CBD products may cause you to fail drug tests. At this time, Vesta CBD does not offer any Full Spectrum CBD Products, but we offer many cannabinoids that you can work into your daily routine to keep it exciting!


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