Carene Terpene

While Carene is believed to be responsible for the dry mouth and eye redness associated with smoking cannabis, it also offers several therapeutic benefits. For example, research indicates that carene can be effectively used to reduce acute inflammation. This is consistent with other findings that spices (which generally contain high concentrations of terpenes) can help to prevent the inflammation that leads to chronic illnesses.

Other research has found that juniper essential oil, which is rich in Carene, can effectively combat fungal infections in clinical settings. The research also determined that the presence of Carene was fundamental to the antifungal efficacy of juniper oil.

Perhaps most valuably, research shows that Carene has the unique ability to stimulate bone growth. The study compared the effects of 89 different natural compounds on bone formation and found that low concentrations of Carene can have dramatic effects on mineralization and calcium induction. These results indicate that Carene may be an important component of prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and other conditions that weaken bones.

Carene Terpene Learn About the Effects and Science behind the Carene Terpene from Vesta CBD

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